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This is a brand new set of our Banshee 18cc small bore domes.
We design our domes slightly different than other manufacturers.

1. Our domes are not under cut on the outer steps. We have seen domes that are undercut crack with higher compression engines because the material was just to thin from being under cut. We also have a oring around the top neck of the dome which helps hold the domes in the head shell during installation onto the cylinders.

2. Most of the company's that manufacture domes just copied the original OEM Yamaha head design. We machine a slightly smaller squish band width to help reduce the chance of detonation. We also machine the proper dome angle to match the standard 13 degree piston crown angle.

These domes are for use with a stock stroke crankshaft and a standard style piston that have a 13 degree angle like the OEM piston has or any of the aftermarket piston companies like Wiseco's 513 series. This dome is for use with bore sizes 64mm thru 65.5mm.

***These are not stroker domes so if you are using a larger stroke crankshaft with stock height cylinders where the piston travels higher then the top of the cylinder deck these domes WILL NOT WORK.***   

These domes will fit most aftermarket billet style heads like Pro design, Chariot, Driveline stealth head, Mod Quad, Vito's, Noss Machine etc.  

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