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This is a brand new set of our Banshee big bore domes. 

We design our domes slightly different than most of the other manufacturers.

1. Our domes are not under cut on the outer steps. We have seen domes that are undercut crack with higher compression engines because the material was just to thin from being under cut.

2. We know that a lot of engine builders like to run tighter squish clearances. Tighter squish clearances can cause excess heat and detonation depending on the width of the squish band in the dome that's being used. Most of the company's that manufacture domes just copied the original Pro design dome dimensions which is fine for a 64mm stock cylinder. 68mm Big bore cylinders need a slightly smaller squish band width to help reduce heat build up and detonation.

This dome is designed to work with a Wiseco 573 series Blaster style piston which has a 9 degree dome angle.

Cheetah cub cylinders are the most common cylinders that use the Blaster piston.

If you have a 4mil 115 rod, 7mil 115 rod or a 10mil 115 rod crankshaft and a cylinder that has a bore size of 66mm thru 69mm and you are using blaster pistons this is the dome you will need.

Our domes will fit the following heads: Pro design, Mod Quad, Noss, vitos, Chariot and driveline. 

********Reminder that 18cc thru 20cc domes typically require the use of race gas**************

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  1. 4 mil dune port 21cc domes getting 150 psi 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2017

    They shipped fast and work great perfect squish.