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This is a new Banshee billet head design from Driveline Performance. We have tried to create the best head on the market at a reasonable price. Most of the heads that are on the market today are single piece head shells. The reason for the single piece head shell is it's easier and cheaper to machine and it can easily be designed to use your stock head studs. The main problem with the single piece shell is poor cooling capacity. Many designs out there have such minimal cooling capacity that in most cases have less volume than a stock head. 

The 2nd type of head design is a 2 piece shell. The cooling capacity is excellent but in many cases it requires the use of longer head studs which can be a difficult conversion depending on how difficult it is to remove your old rusted or corroded stock studs. Two piece heads are typically more money because they are expensive to machine since there is more material and machining time involved. 

We decided to use the best of both heads and combine them into one. Our new head is a two piece shell made from 6061 T6 aluminum that utilizes the stock head studs. It is designed with the proper water routing pattern for maximum cooling in the cylinder. Meaning as the water enters the head it is immediately forced to fill the back of the cylinders and funnel the water towards the exhaust to get a complete cooling pattern. 

This head will accept the same style of small bore or big bore domes that fit many heads such as Pro Design, Mod Quad, Noss, Vito's, etc. These style of domes are the most common and can be bought almost anywhere. We also use a solid support edge where the dome rests in the head to eliminate possible dome warping when higher compression ratios are used. The head comes with all the necessary mounting hardware:

Chrome high crown acorn nuts and copper washers for a excellent finished look.

All oring's to seal the head are included. This head uses the same type of oring's that fit Pro design style heads.

Barbed brass fitting that mounts on the top head shell.   

We machine this head in house to ensure an excellent fit and finish at a reasonable price.

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